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The UX Designer Starter Pack

Making a career switch can be very hard. Regardless of if you want to become a UX designer or something else entirely. Where do you start, what do you need, who can help me out? These are all valid questions in this case. To help you out, we wrote about the UX starter pack. This pack of information, tools, and more will help you get started as a UX designer.

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What is the Best Tablet for UX design?

Tablets improve with every new version that gets released. In today’s market, tablets can be as powerful as regular laptops. This brings us to the question of whether or not a tablet can replace the laptop you’ve been using as a UI or UX designer. And if so, which tablet is best to get a designer.

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How to Become a UX Designer

So you want to become a UX designer? That’s awesome! However, I can imagine that it might feel a bit overwhelming. There’s so much information, courses, books on UX, and more out there. It is hard to keep a clear overview of what you need and where to start on your journey of becoming a UX designer.

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Why is UX so important?

With the ever increasing popularity of user experience (UX) design there is a growing need for good designers. However, there’s a problem for designers here as well. How can you show the importance of UX to your stakeholders and convince them to invest in your design work?

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Everything you need on creating your UX portfolio

As a UX designer, it is of great importance to have a well-crafted UX portfolio. You use your portfolio to show potential employers or clients who you are and what you are capable of. By creating your portfolio in a well-thought-of way you’re setting yourself up for that one job or project you’ve been dreaming about.

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The Ultimate Scrum Guide for UX Designers

Scrum and user experience (UX) are considered to be opposites. Like fire and water, they do not go very well together. However, with both Scrum and UX getting more and more mainstream every day, the only thing you can do as a designer is work together regardless of your differences.

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