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Thanks for your interest in using our UX Job Board. This job board is used by our community of designers as well as a curated list of available designers, their portfolios, and what they are looking for. Your job opening is about to be shared with them!

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Posting a job on our UX Job Board is a one-time purchase of 39 EUR. Unlike many other job boards, we do not ask for a recruitment fee once you hire a designer through our job board. Also, your job opening will remain on our board for as long as you want to. There’s no expiration date

The channels your job opening will be sent to

Once you post a job on our board, we will send your job opening to the following channels.

  • Our growing list of 800+ designers.
  • The jobs channel in our Slack UX community with 300+ designers.
  • You get access to our curated list of designers, their portfolios, and what roles they are looking for.


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