Introducing the UX Jobs Handbook. A step-by-step approach to

Landing your first job as a UX designer

Over 50 pages of actionable tips, tricks, examples, and tutorials to help you land your first job as a UX designer. Learn all job hunting essentials while you work your way to landing your first job as a UX designer.

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Here's what you will get

The UX Jobs Handbook is your step-by-step approach to landing your first job as a UX designer. The ebook follows the same path as you would take when going from creating your first UX portfolio right up to the point of you negotiating your entry level salary.

Learn how to write a cover letter that will get you job interviews

How to write a reusable base letter. We’ll also include real life examples and best practices.

Tips, tricks, and templates for your portfolio

How to create your UX portfolio. Even if you do not have any prior working experience.

How to prepare and ace your job interview

Commonly asked questions and how to answer them and how to prepare for your interview.

Other learnings include the design tools you’ll need, company types, what to keep in mind when negotiating your salary, and much more.

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The UX Jobs handbook is an ebook with over 50 pages of useful content, tips, tricks, tutorials, and examples to help you land your first job as a UX designer. Take a look inside!

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