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An artist needs his tools just as you need your design tools. You’ll find everything about UX design tools right here. We’re literally talking about the Designer’s Toolbox for this chapter.

UX design tools

If you look at the main design tools of today, we have two main competitors. These are Figma and Sketch. Both are excellent design tools that have similarities and a few key differences. To help you select between the two, start with the Figma vs Sketch post you’ll see below.

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If you’ve already made up your mind, you can skip right to one of my posts on Sketch and Figma. In each post, we will discuss the basics as well as plugins, settings, and tutorials to make the most of these great design tools.

Getting started

Figma vs Sketch

The Figma vs Sketch discussion has been ongoing for quite some time now. Even in 2022, the debate is more relevant than ever, with Figma and Sketch introducing feature after feature to get ahead of its competitor.

Yet, designers still have the same question. Should you go for Figma or Sketch when working as a UI and UX designer? Let’s compare the two and find out in my Figma vs Sketch post.

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Sketch is a vector design tool used for UX design. It has been developed by a Dutch company called Bohemian Coding. Sketch has been around for a few years now, with its initial release back in 2010.

Let’s put together some of the facts to help you decide if Sketch is for you. Read everything you need to know about Sketch here.

Figma logo


This is one of the latest design tools. Figma has been around for only a few years but is growing in popularity every day. The software is web-based, which means you can access your work everywhere you want. Only if you have an active internet connection, of course.

Read my in-depth post on everything Figma here.

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