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Should I use Sketch or Figma?

There’s been a lot of discussion going on in the world of design about what tool is best and which one you should use. There’s Sketch, Figma and many others. Here’s which one you should use.

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What is the best laptop for design?

Choosing a new laptop can be hard. There are a many brands, options and specs to consider. We’ve made a list for you to help you choose the best laptop you can get for doing design work.

What are books I can read on UX design?

There are a number of great books you can read that will help you become a better designer. Here’s a list of essential must-read UX books.

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When to use a toggle switch in UX design

When To Use a Toggle Switch in UX

One of the most commonly used elements in UI and UX design is the toggle switch element. There are a number of cases where the toggle switch is the element of your choice. Yet, in some cases you’re better off using something else.

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How to become a UX designer?

How to Become a UX Designer

So you want to become a UX designer? That’s awesome! However, I can imagine that it might feel a bit overwhelming. There’s so much information, courses, books on UX, and more out there. It is hard to keep a clear overview of what you need and where to start on your journey of becoming a UX designer.

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Laptop stand header

Our laptop stand suggestion

If you’re designer, you’re going to need a place to do your job. The neccessuties include a laptop and some accessories. We’re going to focus on the accessoiries in this series of posts.

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Why UX is so important

Why is UX so important?

With the ever increasing popularity of user experience (UX) design there is a growing need for good designers. However, there’s a problem for designers here as well. How can you show the importance of UX to your stakeholders and convince them to invest in your design work?

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