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To help you become the best designer you can be, the Designer’s Toolbox provides you with all the resources you need. We have a large collection of how-to’s, tips, tricks, and best practices in visual, UI, UX, and product design.

Resources include books and templates as well as services like UX mentor meetings. Take a look at the full list below.

Supercharge your career with the UX Career Track

Become job-ready by building a resume, portfolio, and cover letter that converts into job interviews. You’ll be invited to join design reviews, office hours, and events to grow and learn with one goal in mind. To get you that UX job.

Book a UX mentor meeting

Are you working on your UX portfolio? Need some help with your job hunt? You can book a UX mentor meeting to ask any and all design questions you have. You’ll be able to book individual one-on-one (video) chats or go for a package deal where we work together for a longer time.

Slack UX design community

We have a growing community of UX, UI, and visual designers that learn and grow together. You can share your Daily UI challenge, ask for feedback, talk about the latest courses and books, or anything else.

At this moment, we have over 300 designers that are a part of our Slack community. You can join our Slack UX design community here.

Landing your first job as a UX designer

Introducing the UX Jobs Handbook. A step-by-step approach to landing your first job as a UX designer. Over 50 pages of actionable tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you land your first job as a UX designer.

Reviews, feedback, and templates

Every designer can improve their skills by getting a review and some feedback every now and then. The Designer’s Toolbox is here to help you out in that regard. Check out our review and feedback options below.

How to create a UX case study within one day

Let’s face it. Writing a case study for your UX portfolio is difficult and a lot of work. And to make things worse, each company seems to have its own standard for what a case study should include.

Using our template, you can create your UX case study within one day. The template includes a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Get our UX Case Study Template over on Gumroad.

UX portfolio review

One of our main resources is the UX portfolio review. Getting a fresh view on your work can help you become more visible within your design network.

By getting your portfolio reviewed by the Designer’s Toolbox you’re setting yourself up for that one design job or project you’ve been dreaming of. Get actionable tips and tricks to help bring your portfolio to the next level.

Here’s how it works. If you submit your UX portfolio, it will be reviewed by a senior UX designer. He will provide you with feedback and actionable next steps via mail or video chat. After that, you’ll be able to do some Q&A’s if there’s anything not clear.

Get your portfolio review here.

Sketch Layout and Grid Template

With today’s number of devices, the amount of screen sizes you have to design for grows also. Sketch has a lovely feature to help you out. It is called Sketch layouts and grids. However, the layout and grid settings you use in Sketch are something you have to create yourself. There’s not a default setting you can use over and over. Until now!

Increase your design productivity by using our Sketch layout and grid template.

UX feedback template

Setting up a default way of asking feedback will help you get better UX feedback in less time. Download our free template now to help you get started with receiving better UX feedback.


We’re currently developing our first ever course. It is called Writing Better Case Studies. Take a look and get a discount on release!