About Nick Groeneveld

Profile picture of author Nick Groeneveld, a senior UX designer and mentor for The Designer's Toolbox

Nick Groeneveld is a senior UX designer with over 8 years of experience working in different design roles. He is proficient in the role of UX designer, UX researcher, interaction designer, and strategist.

Through The Designer's Toolbox, Nick is an Educational Partner for Interaction Design Foundation; one of the leading platforms in UX education.

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Work experience

Nick started his career as a visual and UX designer at a local Dutch software developer where he worked on projects for a construction company and multiple retail chains.

After his first company, he moved to a startup in the music industry where he was the only designer. He wrote an extensive post on his experience there over on Medium, called I failed as a designer at a startup.

For the past four years, Nick has been a senior UX designer and researcher at two consultancy firms. In his spare time, he runs The Designer’s Toolbox where he shares his expertise in UX with other designers.

Nick is a published writer on the topic of UX. Read his publications here.

Nick Groeneveld as a guest speaker at a UXPressia event

Nick spoke at a UXPressia event about how to do UX research in challenging business environments. The event was attended by over 200 designers worldwide.

Expertise and education

Since 2015, he has a degree in Communication and Multimedia Design from the Avans University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. 

Next to that, Nick is a coach and mentor for multiple designers. In 2022, he obtained his License to Train, which means that he is proficient in helping you grow your career in design.

Nick is a certified Professional Scrum Master via Scrum.org.

What others say

“I highly recommend working with Nick if you’re considering a career in UX design.”

“I worked with him 1:1 for three months and the level of expert advice, coupled with his personal approach to my own situation was unlike other mentors I have had in the past.

When you work with Nick, there is no cookie cutter copy and paste formula, as he works with your specific challenges and career stage.

He has ample experience in UX, working with a wide range of businesses, which was instrumental in helping me understand the various ways UX is leveraged in organizations (and the challenges to look out for!).

His kind and approachable attitude was the cherry on top!”

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