The Ultimate Scrum Guide for UX Designers

Scrum and user experience (UX) are considered to be opposites. Like fire and water, they do not go very well together. However, with both Scrum and UX getting more and more mainstream every day, the only thing you can do as a designer is work together regardless of your differences.
The ultimate scrum guide for UX designers

But why? Why do a lot of people think Scrum and UX are so hard to combine? Let’s take a closer look.

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Your design is never done. You only have to decide on a moment where you’re going to agree on the version you want to push.

How UX fits into Agile and Scrum

It’s challenging to be a UX designer when there’s no definition of UX in an otherwise very well defined framework.

Scrum and UX are more alike than you might think

Scrum and UX collaboration

How to work with Scrum as a UX designer

Scrum and UX teamwork

You will encounter a lot of naysayers in your journey of building a shared mindset for Scrum and UX. It will be hard. You will make mistakes. I know this because I’ve come across the ‘Scrum versus UX’ discussion on many occasions myself.

To help you out, I have a few tips, tricks, and best practices on how you can incorporate your UX process within Agile and Scrum. These are based on my own experience.

Scrum and UX working on the same user story.


Why UX is so important

Why is UX so important?

With the ever increasing popularity of user experience (UX) design there is a growing need for good designers. However, there’s a problem for designers here as well. How can you show the importance of UX to your stakeholders and convince them to invest in your design work?

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Everything you need on creating your UX portfolio

Everything you need on creating your UX portfolio

As a UX designer, it is of great importance to have a well-crafted UX portfolio. You use your portfolio to show potential employers or clients who you are and what you are capable of. By creating your portfolio in a well-thought-of way you’re setting yourself up for that one job or project you’ve been dreaming about.

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