Supercharge your career with the UX Career Track

Become job-ready by building a resume, portfolio, and cover letter that converts into job interviews. You’ll be invited to join design reviews, office hours, and events to grow and learn with one goal in mind. To get you that UX job.

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Events, reviews, and more

The UX Career Track has two main components. At its core, it is a community. You will meet other designers to grow and learn. Together, you will supercharge your UX career by receiving the following.

  • Office hours and review sessions to discuss design trends, the challenges you face, or anything else design-related.
  • Private Slack channel to share and review the work you do within the UX Career Track.
  • Discounts on one-on-one mentor sessions and portfolio reviews.

Course syllabus

In addition to the community, the UX Career Track is an e-mail course. Over a period of three months, you will receive multiple design chapters. Each chapter contains all the info you need on a topic relevant for your UX job hunt.

At the end of a chapter, you will receive a task to create your own deliverable (your resume, for example) that you can have reviewed within the UX Career Track Community.

These are the chapters of the UX Career Track.



On average, recruiters only view your resume for 7 seconds. In the UX Career Track, you will learn to write a resume that captures the attention of recruiters.

  • Resume design best practices.
  • How to write about your working experience. Even if you have none.



Your portfolio is front and center in your job hunting adventures. Yet, it is so much more than a selection of case studies.

  • Learn how to structure your portfolio.
  • Everything you need on case studies.


The job hunt

Now that you have your resume and portfolio ready, it is time to scout the job market. We’ll discuss company types, their pros and cons, and how to find them.


Cover letter

Now that you have found companies you want to join, the job hunt starts. And it starts with writing a cover letter. You’ll learn how to structure your cover letter. Templates will be includes in a future update.


The job interview

The recruitment process for UX designers is tough. You’ll face multiple interviews and in some cases a whiteboard challenge. The UX Career Track will help you ace your interview.

  • How to prepare for your job interview.
  • Questions you’ll get and how to answer them.


Starting your new job

You’ve just landed your first UX job. Congratulations! But now what? Your first few weeks can be stressful. The UX Career Track helps you stick the landing and make a great first impression at your new job.


More coming up

The UX Career Track is always involving. For example, I’m working on a resume template to include in chapter one of the e-mail course. As a subscriber, you’ll be the first to receive these updates. For free.

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The UX Career Track is available as a subscription. The subscription price is 7 EUR/month. You can get two months free if you opt for the annual subscription of 70 EUR/year.

In both cases, you can cancel at any time. All content you’ve received will remain available to you even when you unsubscribe.

Do you not want to pay a monthly fee? Join the UX Career Track for a one-time fee of 99 EUR.

Nick Groeneveld

Meet your host

Hi there! My name’s Nick. I’m a senior UX designer and founder of The Designer’s Toolbox. You might have seen me hanging out in our Slack UX community before.

I support designers in reaching their UX goals. This can be finding your first job or helping you overcome a difficult design challenge. And that’s exactly what I will be doing for you when you join the UX Career Track.

Questions on the UX Career Track

Do you have questions about the UX Career Track? I’ll be adding more questions to the FAQ at some point. For now, you can send me a message on LinkedIn or use the contact page.

What happens once I join the UX Career Track

When you join the UX Career Track, I will add you to our private Slack channel. This is where events (like the office hour feedback sessions) take place. In addition, you will also receive chapter one of the e-mail course.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. No questions asked.

The UX Career Track has a monthly price in EUR. Will it convert to my local currency?

Yes! Payment runs through Stripe. You can pay in your local currency without any problem.