How much do UX designers make?

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How much do UX designers make?

If you’re going to work somewhere you want to know what your salary is going to be. A career in UX design is no exception. If you consider working in design you want to know how much UX designers make. Makes sense! Here’s your answer.

If you’re considering a career in a certain field one of the things you want to know is how much you’re going to earn at your new job. That’s fair since you not only do your job because you like it but also because your paycheck enables you to chase your dreams and do the things you like best.

According to Glassdoor and LinkedIn, entry-level UX designers make around $70,000 a year. That’s more than twice the average salary entry-level jobs make in the United States.

Now, just taking this number as a given can be a mistake. There are a few factors that can have an impact on the paycheck you’re going to receive.

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UX design salaries for entry-level, mid-level and senior-level jobs

There’s a difference in salary for UX designers depending on your position within a company. To keep things clear, we’re going to focus on three levels. These are entry-level jobs, mid-level jobs, and senior-level jobs.

In general, entry-level UX designers make an above-average amount of money compared to other entry-level jobs. According to Glassdoor and LinkedIn, entry-level UX designers earn around $70,000 a year. That’s more than twice the salary of an average entry-level job in the United States (according to Glassdoor).

When you get to a senior level job, your salary will increase even further to around $110,000 on average. That’s a six-figure salary. Not too bad, right?

How much UX designers make depends on the type of company they work for.

When you work as a UX designer you either work at the agency-side or the client-side. In most cases, UX designers will earn more at a client-side company. These companies include big players like Apple, Google, and all of your Silicon Valley startups. If you’re a consultant your salary will be between these two groups.

If the average entry-level UX design salary is $70,000 then you will be just below that amount at an agency. Client-side jobs pay better but are more difficult to come by.

So keep this in mind when applying for your next UX design job. You can make more at the client-side but it is harder to get a job there.

UX design hourly rate

If full-time employment isn’t for you, you might consider doing freelance UX work. You’d be in demand since there are many requests for freelance UX designers on job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

The hourly rate you can charge depends once again on location, the type of company, and your level of experience.

A commonly accepted number is $55 to $75 an hour for UX design work in the United States.

UX salaries per location

One thing to keep in mind is that how much you will earn as a UX designer also depends on your location. We’re currently working on getting you an overview of different areas and their corresponding salaries for UX designers.


According to LinkedIn, UX designers in NYC make $83,200 a year on average.

  • Entry-level: $70,000
  • Mid-level: $83,200
  • Senior-level: $100,000

As you can see, UX design salaries are on par with the average salaries for UX designers in the United States. However, keep in mind that living in NYC is very expensive. 

San Francisco

Ah, Silicon Valley, the worldwide center of high-tech. Its the dream of every startup to make it in Silicon Valley.

Since Silicon Valley almost feels like a different world we’re going to take a look and how much UX designers can make in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

How much do UX designers make in San Francisco?

According to LinkedIn, UX designers in San Francisco make $107,000 a year on average.

  • Entry-level: $92,000
  • Mid-level: $107,000 
  • Senior-level: $137,000

As you can see, UX designers can make a lot of money in San Francisco. The annual salary is thr highest we have seen so far.

We have an overview of how much UX designers can make at some of the biggest companies in San Francisco. Take a look.

  • Google: $137,000
  • LinkedIn: $123,000
  • Apple: $122,000
  • Amazon: $119,000
  • Adobe: $102,000

Top companies pay top dollar for good UX. That’s for sure. Keep in mind that the demand for such jobs is very high so getting a job in Silicon Valley can be challenging. Housing is also very expensive, so the salary you actually take home can be lower.


We don’t have specific information on salaries at certain Canadian companies. Instead, we have an overview of how much UX designers can make in some of the bigger Canadian cities.

  • Calgary: CA$69,400
  • Vancouver: CA$65,000
  • Toronto: CA$65,000
  • Greater Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo area: CA$65,000
  • Montreal: CA$64,700

Unlike in the United States, UX salaries in Canada are pretty stable with just the average salary in Calgary being significantly above-average.


Mid-level UX designers in India have an average salary of  ₹600,000 a year. Here’s the complete overview.

  • Entry-level: ₹420,000
  • Mid-level: ₹600,000
  • Senior-level: ₹1,000,000

One of the bigger exceptions to this average is Microsoft with an average UX salary of ₹1,730,000 per year. This further show that client-side companier generally pay higher salaries for UX designers.

Other big companies like Tata Steel are on par compared to the average salaries.

Further reading

UX designers can make a very good living. How much you’re going to make is of course up to the factors we’ve discussed before. Some of them are not up to you, but what you can control are your skills. Read up on everything we have on UX jobs.

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