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UX Mentor: achieve your UX goals

Working together with a UX mentor is a great way to become a better UX designer. Over at the Designer's Toolbox, we have a great UX Mentorship Program just for you. Read more about it below and join today!
UX Mentor: one-on-one chats, reviews, and more

One-on-one (video) chats and portfolio reviews are just a few of the ways a mentorship can help you achieve your goals as a designer. In this post, we’re going to dive into the details to explain how a mentorship in UX can help you.

Book a UX mentor session

You can join our UX mentorship program at any time. We’re offering our UX Mentorship and Coaching service through Gumroad. Check it out over there!

This is what our options will be. Not sure yet which one you’re looking for? Fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you as quick as we can.

Recurring (video) chats

This solution is great if you want to work together on achieving your long-term UX design goals. During our first meeting, we’ll determine if we can work together and what amount of meetings every month would be the best way to help you achieve your UX goals.

Have a one-time chat every now and then

Are you looking for some pointers to boost your career, like a portfolio or resume review? Let’s have a chat about that!

Meet our UX mentor

Knowing who you’re going to talk to is important. Read about the UX mentor that you’re going to talk to when you join our UX mentorship program below.

Nick Groeneveld

Nick Groeneveld

Nick is a designer from the Netherlands with over 5 years of working experience in multiple UX, visual design, and consultancy roles.

He has worked in many different industries, including retail, finance, governance, agriculture, and sports. During this time, he has helped multiple interns graduate school. He writes articles to help starting designers enter the field of UX.

Have any questions about our UX mentorship? Ask us by filling out the form below

Frequently asked questions

To invest in your career by talking to a UX mentor can be quite a big step to take. To help you decide, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to this topic. Take a look below.

What is the difference between a bootcamp and a UX mentor?

The big difference between joining a UX bootcamp and finding a UX mentor is the fact that you get one-on-one focus.

In class, the teacher has to divide his or her attention between all students. If you require a little more time or have some extra questions, you might fall behind and leave some questions unanswered. You can ask your UX mentor any question you have. And, best of all, on your own pace. No questions will remain unanswered.

Having a UX mentor is like having your personal teacher that has full focus for your career, goals, and questions. You can ask everything you want and take as long as you need.

What is a UX mentor?

Having a mentor in the field you work in or want to work in can be the difference between success and failure. This also applies to UX designers.

Someone who works as a UX mentor will help you in becoming a UX designer, support you in finding a job, and so much more. What a UX mentor can do for you is up to you. You have your goals and challenges that you need to tackle. Good mentors know this and support you in doing so.

Usually, someone who works as a mentor has multiple years of working experience from multiple different companies, clients, and industries. The current challenges you’re facing are challenges that this person already conquered. Because of this, he can help you boost your career in a great way.

How does our UX mentorship work?

To help you get a better view of how our UX mentorship works, we’re going to tell you a bit more about the steps, how we do things, and what you can expect as a result.


Once you join our mentorship, you’ll be able to schedule one-on-one (video) chats with us. We’ll make sure to align with your schedule and calendar.

After that, we will have a kick-off meeting where we will discuss your wants, needs, and goals. Here are a few examples of what your goals could be.

  • Make the transition from a different field into the field of UX design.
  • Get a UX internship or job in the coming months or year.
  • Review and improve my resume and portfolio.

Schedule your (video) chats

Once we have a clear view of your goals, we will talk about a schedule for one-on-one (video) chats, contact via mail, and milestones. After that, it is time to get things started so that we can achieve your goals together!

We believe that a chat once every four weeks works best. That way you will have the time to gather topics for us to discuss, try new things, and work on the tips and tricks we discuss during our call.

If you need more time between calls (or less) we can discuss that.

Before, during, and after the (video) chats

It is time to have your (video) chats. Keep in mind that having a regular chat is also an option if you’re not comfortable with video chatting.

Before we start, we will prepare a list of topics that you would like to discuss. This way we can spend our chat as efficiently as possible. You’ll get maximum value for your money that way! During our meeting, we will discuss each topic in-depth and determine some actionable next steps for you to take.

If you have questions after our chat, you can always contact us by mail. That’s included in our UX mentor program.

What are some questions to ask a UX mentor?

The added value of a UX mentor is higher if you prepare your meetings well. One way to do this is to come up with some questions and topics beforehand. Our mentorship program includes this in the (video) chat preparation. Here are a few examples of topics and questions.

  • UX portfolio review. Always include the link to your portfolio and one or more specific questions you might have.
  • What are challenges I might encounter in finding my first job as a UX designer?
  • How do I measure success as a designer?

There is so much more. We encourage you to come up with a list. As we mentioned before, this will help in getting you the most value for money in our UX mentorship program.

Further reading

Alright. That’s it for the topic of UX mentoring. Having a mentor in UX can be a great way to become a UX designer. We believe the one-on-one time you will get to be irreplaceable by any other training. We hope to see you inside!

Nick Groeneveld

About the author

Nick Groeneveld is a designer from the Netherlands with over 5 years of UX, visual design, and consultancy experience. He has worked in many different industries, including retail, finance, and sports.

Take a look at Nick’s LinkedIn and Medium for more.

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