Is UX design a good career?

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Is UX design a good career?

The design industry has a lot of opportunities. If you are a creative person with technological knowledge, you can flourish here well. But what comes to your mind first when we talk about design? Apart from being a graphic designer, you could start a career as a UX designer. But is UX design a good career?

If you want to get a job in UX, you might be wondering whether or not UX design is a good career. Yes, we believe it is a very good career. But, you were not looking for such a simple answer, were you? So, let us go deep into the discussion and find out whether or not UX design is a good career option.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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Is UX design a good career?

Okay, so let us get one thing straight. Is UX design a good career choice? Yes. It is an excellent career option for those seeking opportunities in design. But then, if you are new, what is UX designing after all?

In short, a UX designer is a professional that aims to create a positive relationship between technology and human beings. And what do we mean here? Well, the world has become increasingly more tech-dependent, especially since the pandemic. Therefore, we have been using websites, apps, and other devices a lot more. In addition, due to lockdowns and working from home restrictions, being able to communicate well has never been as important as it is today.

UX design ensures that we get a smooth experience while using these apps, websites, and services. It helps to create a design that is well accepted and easily understood. That’s the main objective of the UX designer.

Now that you know what UX design is, let us move to the next section, where we will be talking about how UX design is a good career option. This section will shed light on the present trend of UX design and how it has evolved over the years.

The evolution of careers in UX

So, how is UX design a good career? UX design is a great career option if you want to work in a growing field with a lot of potential, and it has a lot of different perks to it.

First of all, UX design is an ever-evolving job sector, which has grown because of the current pandemic. Take a look at some of these facts.

  • According to reports, Covid-19 has pushed up internet use by 70%. Another report also suggests that the year 2020 saw a booming rise in app downloads of 32%.
  • Most users do not return to an app that had a challenging user experience.
  • More than half of mobile users leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

The important role of a UX designer becomes very clear if you look at these facts. There’s a lot to gain and what better way to do this than to create a very satisfying design for your clients?

More and more recruiters believe that UX designers are of an ever increasing importance. If that doesn’t tell you how valuable your career as a UX designer could be, we don’t know what will.

In short, UX design is getting bigger and bigger by the day. The best moment to hop on the UX train is right now!

Is UX design dying?

There is a famous quote by Stew Dan, where he said, “UX is New! UX is Dead!”. A very controversial thing to say, indeed. The way Stew described it in his post is worth noticing.

According to him, the term UX was coined sometime around the early-mid ’90s by Don Norman at Apple.

However, although the term is relatively new, it has been around for as long as the design industry itself. In fact, the importance of good (UX) design has been around forever. Stew Dan started his job as a UX designer in 2000. Before that, he used to be an Information Architect.

And he didn’t find much difference in both these jobs. Also, before the time of information architects, there were other job titles such as usability specialist, product designer, and interaction designer. Funny enough, all these jobs had almost the same tasks and requirements. So, UX is not a very new thing. Instead, the name is new.

The question remains, is UX design dying? Well, user experience is as old as you would think. It has existed for over fifty years similar to how it exists today. The only thing that changed is the name.

As the technology evolved, ‘product design’ turned into ‘UX design.’ And as it keeps evolving, there will be other names coming. Hence, UX design is not a dying profession. Instead, it is very much alive and evolving with time. The name might change, though.

Benefits of being a UX designer

There are a lot of benefits to being a UX designer. Here, we will mention some of the most alluring perks of being a user experience designer. Take your time, as there are quite a few!

Great salary

Who doesn’t want to have a good salary, after all? In general, UX designers earn a better salary than most conventional graphic designers. Because of this, it is one of the most sought jobs in the designing industry.

According to stats, your extry level UX designer salary will be well above average

Lots of opportunities

UX designing has always been there as a career option. But now, only after the pandemic, the number of opportunities has increased a lot. As more people are now getting into the use of websites and apps, UX designers are a top priority at many of the big tech companies.

Starting from apps such as Google Meet, Zoom, and other educational apps and websites, user experience designers are needed to make the socially distant and work-from-home experience work well.

Creative freedom and flexibility

Since user experience is related to best practices, research, and in a way some personal preferences, you’ll be able to create multiple solutions for the problems your users are facing. You have the freedom to decide what’s best. Then, you can put it on the market and see if the users are comfortable enough to operate it. You get to use the perfect combination of your creativity and a subtle touch of technology.

The job of a UX designer is very flexible. And the best part is, if you walk into a room of UX designers, you will find people from different backgrounds. There can be people with backgrounds in graphic design, psychology, and communication. Also, UX designing gives you your personal space to think and put your efforts into the proper place.

Further reading

To answer your question. Yes, UX design is a good career. Better than good. We’d like to think of UX design as a fantastic career choice.

But where to start? Reading about UX is one, but taking action into becoming a designer is a very difficult second step.

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